Forms Center

Name of Form Reason to use Form
ADD/DROP Form To add or drop classes in person. You can add or drop classes online through my.whittier.
ADVANCED Externship Application Form To apply and register for an Advanced Externship (LAW610)
Application for Graduation How to apply for Graduation
Declaration of Concentration/Certificate To officially declare a concentration or certificate.
Enrollment Verification Form To request a Verification of Enrollment, Letter of Good Standing, or Class Rank letter
FULL-TIME Judicial Externship Form To apply for and register for a Judicial Externship (LAW609J or LAW610J)
Independent Study Form To petition for an Independent Study
INITIAL Externship Application Form To apply for and register for an Initial Externship (LAW609)
Law Auditor Application Form For Alums or other JD graduates to apply to audit courses
Lottery Form To enter the Lottery for a Seminar or Limited Enrollment Class.
Intro to Legal Analysis Opt-Out Form To Opt out of the second semester of Intro to Legal Analysis.
Petition Form To petition any school policy.
Program Change Form To change your program status (PTD,PTE,FTD)
Registration Form Students are able to register online through your my.whittier account
Request to discontinue using ExamSoft To inform the Office of the Registrar that you no longer want to use ExamSoft to take exams.
Return From Leave of Absence To officially return from leave of absence
Substitution/Waiver Form To request a course waiver or substitution to meet degree requirements.
Teaching/Research Assistant Form To sign up to be a Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant.
Transcript Form To order an official transcript.
Visiting Off-Campus Form If you a Whittier Law Student and you want to take classes at another institution
Visiting Student Application If you are a student at another institution and want to take a class as Whittier Law School
Leave of Absence Form To take a Leave of Absence from the Law School.
Withdrawal To officially Withdraw from the Law School.
Clinic Application Clinic Application
Registrar VA Registration Checklist For current former members of the military.

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