ExamSoft Information

Whittier Law School has adopted an Opt-Out Policy regarding ExamSoft. This means that all students are required to take their final exams using ExamSoft. You can only opt-out of using ExamSoft with the written approval of the Asst. Dean of Enrollment Services, in consultation with either the Asst. Dean of Student Services or the Assoc. Dean of Academic Affairs. Download Request to opt-out form.

The ExamSoft program (SofTest), provides a simple word processor that has been designed to be familiar to users of WordPerfect or Microsoft Word. Students using ExamSoft will not have an advantage over writers because spell checking capabilities will not be enabled. The program blocks access to any stored files during the administration of the exam. Students will be required to use their own laptop computers and will be held responsible for being familiar with their equipment and the ExamSoft software at the time of the exam.