ExamSoft Information

The ExamSoft program (SofTest), provides a simple word processor that has been designed to be familiar to users of Microsoft Word. The program blocks access to any stored files during the administration of the exam. Students will be required to use their own laptop computers and will be held responsible for being familiar with their equipment and the ExamSoft software at the time of the exam.

Steps to Use ExamSoft

Qualify and Register to use ExamSoft

1. Make sure you meet the minimum system requirements for ExamSoft. Check the current system requirements here.

2. Download, install and electronically register with ExamSoft:

Whittier Law School has a yearly license with ExamSoft, therefore, students are expected to download and register with ExamSoft at the beginning of every academic year. To register with ExamSoft:

  1. Go to the ExamSoft webpage:
  2. On the left Margin, you will login to the “ExamTakers” login form
  3. You will need your Student ID (located on your Student ID) and password (which will be emailed to you) to log in.
  4. Once logged in, click the “Download” button and follow all instructions. A video is provided if you need further assistance with the installation process.’
  5. Once SofTest is downloaded, open the program and log in using your username and password. If prompted to input an institution ID, please note that “whittierlaw” is our current ID.

3. Mock Exam:

Once registered, it is imperative that you take the mock exam as soon as possible. By taking the mock exam, you will verify that the program is working as it should; and if you have any problems, we will have enough time before the start of the exam period to correct them. We recommend that new users use the Mock Exam feature at least once or twice prior to the exam period to get familiar with ExamSoft navigation and features.

4. Download Exams:

You will only be able to take an exam once you have downloaded the exam from the ExamSoft website. Exams will be made available two to three weeks prior to the start of the final exam period of any term. You will be able to download exams up until the end time of your exam.

5. Technical Problems with ExamSoft and your laptop:

If you encounter technical difficulties while installing the SofTest software, please contact ExamSoft technical support directly at (866) 429-8889. You can also send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to receive electronic help.

As Law School support staff may not be available to handle technical issues related to your laptop, it is imperative that you make sure that your laptop is in good working order before the day of your exam.