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CICL Symposium

The Center for International and Comparative Law
International Arbitration and Mediation Symposium
Co-Sponsored by the International Law Section of The State Bar of California
Whittier Law School, April 16, 2010

The Center for International and Comparative Law held its twenty-seventh annual International Law Symposium devoted to International Arbitration and Mediation. Attendees met some of the most acclaimed, dynamic and successful practitioners in these fields. In addition some of the nation’s foremost law firms were represented.

The Foundations

Presenters considered the legal foundations of international arbitration and examined the importance of arbitration clauses, arbitrator selection and arbitration advocacy.

International Dispute Resolution

An analysis of international dispute resolution in U.S., bilateral and multilateral fora and the way in which arbitration is perceived and utilized in various parts of the world.

To Litigate or Arbitrate?—That is the Question

Advantages and disadvantages of international arbitration.

International Mediation

The process of international mediation and its merits.


Exploration of what must be done to establish Los Angeles and Southern California as a venue for international arbitration.