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Criminal Law Practice Lecture Series

On Tuesday, November 9th, the Criminal Law Practice Lecture Series brought its second presentation to campus. The topic was Prosecuting & Defending Domestic Violence cases.

There were approximately 45 students and faculty in attendance. LA Deputy District Attorney, Jodi Castano, Class of ’97, defense attorney and former police officer, Zack McCready, Class of ’05, domestic violence advocate, Kelsey Ryland, and Director of Orange County Alternate Public Defenders, Merri Derby, were all panelists.

The Criminal Law Practice Lecture series at Whittier Law School is open to all students at Whittier Law School. The lecture series is designed to give students an opportunity to hear directly from practitioners in the field of criminal law. Attending the lecture series is a great way to network with other students who are interested in practicing criminal law. You will also have an opportunity to learn about the Criminal Law Concentration at Whittier Law School.

All programs are co-sponsored by the Criminal Law Society.