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Kees Waaldijk, New Chair of Leiden University

Whittier Law School is proud to announce that Dr. Kees Waaldijk, Professor of Comparative Sexual Orientation Law will teach in the Whittier Law School study abroad program in Barcelona. Leiden University recently appointed Dr. Kees Waaldijk to its new chair in Comparative Sexual Orientation Law. One of Dr. Waaldijk’s current research projects is to assess which European countries are recognizing a foreign marriage or partnership consisting of two women or two men. In May the Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law will publish his latest analysis of the protection that international law is providing to same-sex couples.

Leiden Law School established this new chair due to the growth of countries and international organizations that focus on the serious issues that surround law and homosexuality. In addition, asylum seekers confront countries and organizations with very divergent levels of legal recognition of homosexual orientation. Research and teaching can help to prevent minimum standards of human rights that are neglected in this field.

Dr. Kees Waaldijk has been active in the field of law and homosexuality for many years. Kees Waaldijk studied law in Rotterdam and his PhD in Maastricht. He has worked at the universities of Rotterdam, Maastricht, Utrecht, Edinburgh and Lancaster, and at UC Hastings in San Francisco. Dr. Waaldijk will teach Same-Sex Privacy, Partnership and Parenting in International and European Law at the Study Abroad Program in Barcelona Spain.

For more information on the Barcelona Study Abroad Program please click here.