Faculty Spotlight

Q&A with Nicole Webster

Nicole Webster

Nicole Webster
Adjunct Professor of Law
Whittier Law School

Question 1

How long have you been involved with this area of practice and what made you initially interested in this area?

Studying history, political science and languages, as well as traveling, first piqued my interest in the global arena. It was fascinating to learn how others accomplished similar, as well as divergent, tasks—from the activities of daily life to national governmental responsibilities. Embarking upon a course of international legal education in Europe was central in my beginning to appreciate the functioning and practice of international law. Marshaling (Law Clerking) for an English High Court Judge, I gained firsthand insight into the proceedings of another nation’s legal methodology. Working with international issues in our United States government brought me great understanding of the increasingly interlinked world in which we live. Additionally, involvement with an international think tank afforded me myriad opportunities to interface with representatives of international governments and multi-national corporations, while dealing with matters of mutual concern.