Student Spotlight

Lauren Cross, Student Extern

Lauren Cross

Lauren Cross
Class of 2011
Extern at MGM and Sony,
Los Angeles, CA

Question 2

Where was your externship and what was your role?

At MGM, I was the consumer products intern for the Legal Affairs team. I spent a majority of my time drafting licensing agreements for various licensees that made deals with MGM to produce t-shirts, toys and other items having to do with MGM’s properties. I would also draft the execution letters that accompanied the contracts and non-disclosure agreements if we were going to send any type of marketing material to a potential licensee. It was an amazing opportunity to gain drafting experience and it helped me to understand the licensing process. At Sony, I was the Business and Legal Affairs intern for their International Television group. This internship was very unique in that I would be assigned a deal and was responsible for it from start to finish. A typical day consisted of getting a deal memo that one of our international channels submitted because they were going to purchase programming, comparing that deal to previous deals we have done with the production or distribution company who owned that programming to ensure that we were securing certain rights on behalf of the channel and that we were entering into a lucrative business deal, speaking with the company who owns the programming and negotiating the deal terms, to drafting the contract and communicating with the channel and the company each step of the way. The most interesting thing about this internship was that most of the people we interacted with were from different countries, so there were language barriers and different ways of doing business and I really had to think about how I phrased emails and questions so that they were direct and concise. Otherwise, a lot of time would be wasted clarifying things instead of wrapping up the deal.