Student Spotlight

Amee Chiang, Student Extern

Amee Chiang

Amee Chiang
Class of 2010
Extern at Carlton DiSante & Freudenberger
Irvine, CA

Question 3

What were a few of the positive highlights from your externship experience?

While at CDF, I was able to work very closely with Leigh Ann White, a partner at CDF. Her guidance in this particular area and practice of law in general was valuable to me as a law student soon to be entering the legal field. The dynamic of the office was also a positive experience. CDF practices teamwork and the dynamic in the office is very professional, yet comfortable, like a family. CDF also has an immigration section of their practice so that they can offer their clients anything they may need in their businesses. I had the opportunity to shadow Greg Berk, an immigration attorney and Chair of the OCBA Immigration Section, on many Orange County Bar Association luncheons, events, and section planning meetings.