Alumni Spotlight

Q&A with Edwin Egelsee

Edwin Egelsee

Edwin Egelsee
Class of 1999
Partner at Augustin Egelsee, LLP,
Anaheim Hills, CA

Question 4

Where do you see the practice area today and where do you see it in the future?

Given the current state of affairs in our economy, accessing special education services has become even more difficult for children and their families. However, the law does not make the required services contingent upon the governmental budget. Here is where I believe a special education attorney must take a pragmatic and realistic approach to advocacy and balance advocating zealously for your client with working with school districts as much as possible. This approach has served my clients well as we have been able to obtain appropriate educational services and build relationships between our families and their school districts. I think this is an important aspect of the practice as families, if they intend to place their child in the public school system, will have a 18-22 years relationship with their local school district. Because these issues have been evident since I started practicing, I can only envision that they will be present in the future.