Alumni Spotlight

Q&A with Gloria Sefton

Gloria Sefton

Gloria Sefton
Class of 2008
Vice President of Legal Affairs at AcuFocus,
Irvine, CA

Question 1

How long have you been involved with this area of practice and what made you initially interested in this area?

I became involved in intellectual property initially as a nonlawyer in 1993. I was working for an ophthalmic medical device company as an R&D project manager. I have a science/technical background with undergraduate degrees in Chemistry and Biology, and the company had no one dedicated to managing the burgeoning IP, so I took it on. Fortunately, I was mentored by a patent attorney from the parent corporation, who looked over my shoulder as I managed the IP and was there for complex issues. I then got more and more involved in legal affairs for the company.