Alumni Spotlight

Q&A with Colin A. Kelly

Colin A. Kelly

Colin A. Kelly
Class of 2009
Staff Attorney at Orange County Coastkeepers, Costa Mesa, CA

Question 1

How long have you been involved with this area of practice and what made you initially interested in this area?

I have been interested in the field of environmental law since I was an undergraduate student at the University of Oregon. I would travel from the University to other parts of the state and see large areas of clear cut forests. Witnessing the total destruction of an ecosystem shocked me into developing a pretty sharp environmental consciousness. I left Oregon with a Political Science degree and a dedication to ensure that if people needed to withdraw resources from the environment that we did so in a responsible way that ensures their long term and healthy preservation. I earned my Juris Doctorate from Whittier Law School in 2009 after enrolling in every environmental and natural resource law course offered and resurrecting the Environmental Law Society, which I was elected President for my final two years at Whittier.