Alumni Spotlight

Q&A with Michael S. Carrillo

Michael S. Carrillo

Michael S. Carrillo
Class of 2008
Principal at Law Offices of Michael S. Carrillo
Pasadena, CA

Question 1

How long have you been involved with this area of practice and what made you initially interested in this area?

I have been involved in criminal law since I was a kid. My father, who is a lawyer, would come home and talk to me about his criminal cases. Then, during law school I worked for a firm that practiced primarily criminal law. I really enjoy criminal law because I enjoy the challenge of it and enjoy protecting people’s rights. Too often our society labels people that are arrested as criminals and that they are guilty until proven innocent. It is our job as criminal defense attorneys to show the judge, jury, and prosecutor that that is not necessarily the case while defending our clients’ rights.