Faculty Spotlight

Q & A with Betsy Rosenblatt

Betsy Rosenblatt

Betsy Rosenblatt
Assistant Professor of Law Director, Center for Intellectual Property Law
Whittier Law School

Question 4

Why do you think it is important to explore this practice area?

At this moment in history, intellectual property law is one of a handful of areas in the law that are constantly growing and changing. Changes in technology and society influence how we understand copyright, trademark, and patent laws — and the law must adapt to those changes. As a result, intellectual property law provides unparalleled opportunities for legal study and practice. In addition, from a practical standpoint, the field of intellectual property law underlies our current economy, both domestically and internationally. Nearly every field of business has intellectual property needs, such as selecting and protecting trademarks; facilitating and ensuring the value of creative works, and getting the most out of innovation.