Faculty Spotlight

Q&A with Denny Haythorn

Denny Haythorn

Denny Haythorn
Associate Dean for Library and Information Services, Professor of Law
Whittier Law School

Question 1

How long have you been involved with this area of practice and what made you initially interested in this area?

I have been involved in transactional law since undergraduate school. While in college I got a job in a large law firm in Chicago. I began as a messenger, moved to the file room and finally was working as a docket clerk, filing papers and helping with litigation support. The focus of that firm was primarily transactional law and it appealed to me in an academic, dispassionate way. Some of the work involved international business transactions for their clients. After several years in the military, I enrolled in law school. I contacted some associates in the Chicago firm and they advised me on how to prepare myself for a transactional practice. In law school I found the business courses the most appealing. Although I had intended to return to Chicago after school, I became interested in pursuing a career working as a law librarian and enrolled in the Law Librarianship Program at the University of Washington.