Faculty Spotlight

Q&A with Jennifer Mertus

Jennifer Mertus

Jennifer Mertus
Associate Professor of Legal Writing
Director, Hochner Pre-Admission Summer Program

Whittier Law School

Question 4

Why do you think it is important to explore Family/Children’s Rights?

Our legal system is such that children are one of the most, if not the most, vulnerable segments of the population. Without competent, compassionate, well-trained legal representatives, many of these children would not have a voice in the legal system. Our program at Whittier trains exactly this type of lawyer. I am particularly proud of the fact that Whittier is committed, through its clinics and many of its externship opportunities, to serving underserved communities. Children in these marginalized populations are, perhaps, the most at risk for losing their “voice” in legal proceedings, whether it be custody disputes, juvenile delinquency, or familial status (such as guardianships or adoptions).