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Q&A with Peter L. Reich

Peter L. Reich

Peter L. Reich
Professor of Law
Whittier Law School

Question 2

How are you currently involved with this practice area?

I consult and litigate in the overlap between environmental and international law. For example, I authored an _amicus curiae_ brief in the Colorado Supreme Court case of _Lobato v. Taylor_ (2002), arguing for the grazing and water rights of Mexican land grant beneficiaries under the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo between Mexico and the United States. The court decided in my clients’ favor, incorporating Roman law, Spanish colonial law, and international legal concepts. I also write and speak on these issues: in 2009 I delivered two lectures to the Senate of Mexico on the role of federalism in allocating natural resources in the U.S. Southwest. One of my forthcoming books,_ From Spanish Law to Common Law in the American Southwest, 1800-1900_ (University of New Mexico Press), focuses on the history of land, mineral, and water law.