Ample parking is available on the law school campus. Students and visitors may enter from either Harbor Boulevard on the east side of the campus or from Sunflower at the rear on the north side of the campus. Visitor parking is also available for one hour in front of the main administration building. Access to park in the main lot is from Harbor Boulevard, south bound lanes only.

Non-students must pay a daily fee for parking of $5.00. There are other, semester-long, discounted parking fees. For information regarding these fees contact the business office at (714) 444-4141 ext 209. At the Harbor Boulevard entrance there are several parking meters for short term parking.


I. Speed limit

Speed limit on campus is 5 m.p.h.

II. Liability

Whittier Law School is not responsible and assumes no liability for theft of or damage to any vehicle or its contents while located on campus.

III. Parking Access

Student and Visitor parking on the Costa Mesa campus parking lot is by parking access cards or daily fee. Students use their Whittier Law School identification cards for access. Visitor parking access cards are available from the Business Office. Parking access cards are non-transferable.

Visitor parking fees for Fall semester and Spring semester is $120.00 per semester. Visitor parking fee for Summer semester is $100.00 per semester. Visitors may also pay a monthly rate of $50.

A semester period is from the first day of the semester until the first day of the following semester.

Whittier Law School Alumni receive free parking.

IV. Disabled Parking Privileges

Only drivers authorized by the State of California that have a disabled placard or license plate may park in disabled parking space.

V. Lost/Stolen Parking Access Card

If a parking access card is reported lost or stolen, the individual who purchased it will be required to complete a form which describes the card. The lost/stolen parking access card number is placed on a lost/stolen access card computer listing, and the individual has the opportunity to replace the card. A replacement student identification card is $25.00 and visitor access parking card is $10.00. The original parking access card will be deactivated and will not allow access to the parking lot.

VI. Enforcement procedures

A. Violation and penalty schedule

1. Parking prohibited (penalty — $35.00):

Parking is prohibited in any area not specifically marked as a parking space. This includes, but is not limited to driveways, red zones, loading zones, planted and natural landscapes, pedestrian malls, sidewalks, intersections, ramps for disabled access, service access lanes, pedestrian crossings, barricaded areas and construction zones.

2. Unauthorized area (penalty — $20.00):

The parking zone in which a vehicle parks must be consistent with the parking privileges associated with the parking access card or visiting status.

3. Overnight parking prohibited (penalty — $20.00):

Overnight parking without prior authorization is prohibited.

4. Disabled parking violation (penalty — $250.00):

Only those individuals who have secured a disabled placard are authorized to park in disabled spaces.

5. Expired meter (penalty — $20.00):

6. Parked over 1 hour/30 minute visitor (penalty — $20.00)

Timed visitor parking areas are for Administrative Office visitors only.

B. Payment of penalty

Payment of the penalty must be accompanied by the violation notice. Payments may be made in person at the Business Office between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday and 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Fridays. Payment of the penalty may also be completed through the mail. The violation notice must accompany the check when paying by mail.

C. Administrative review of citation issuance

A vehicle owner/operator who believes that a violation notice has been issued in error may request a review of the conditions for issuance of the violation notice with the Facility Manager. A review must be conducted in person, by mail or by telephone, within 21 days of the issuance of the violation notice, or within 10 days of the mailing of a Notice of Delinquent parking Violation. The decision by the Facility Manager is final.

D. Towing and immobilization of vehicles

Facility Management will tow or immobilize vehicles which have three (3) or more outstanding (unpaid) parking violation notices. Immobilization is achieved via “boot.” Vehicles are usually immobilized. If a vehicle has been previously immobilized, subsequent violations may result in towing. Vehicles presenting an immediate hazard, such as when parked in an emergency/fire access lane, are towed. Vehicles parked on any surface not specifically marked for the legal parking of a motor vehicle, such as lawns, open spaces, sidewalks, etc., are towed. Vehicles are towed by a bonded towing service.

Vehicles are immobilized or towed and impounded until all penalties are paid. In addition to the penalties due, the owner/operator of the vehicle which has been towed or immobilized must pay the costs of towing and storage or an immobilization fee. Towing costs normally range from $60.00 to $90.00. The vehicle immobilization fee is $25.00.

Whittier Law School and its employees assume no liability for loss or damage of any kind resulting from towing, impounding or storage.