Whittier Law Student Wins 5th Place in Environmental Negotiations Competition

Whittier Law School Student Mykhal OfiliIn the Environmental Negotiations Competition sponsored by the California State Bar in San Francisco, Whittier Law 3L student Mykhal Ofili (competing as a team of one) finished 5th out of 24 teams (representing 15 California law schools). Mykhal finished ahead of teams from Chapman, Hastings, Southwestern, and UCI, among others. Fellow participants Lee Hoffman, Patrick Josten, and Brett Scott also received many positive comments on their performances. Professor Peter Reich acted as the team’s coach, assisted by Professor Colin Kelly, who teaches the environmental water clinic.

Whittier Law School students Patrick Josten, Brett Scott, Mykhal Ofili and Lee Hoffman
Patrick Josten, Brett Scott, Mykhal Ofili and Lee Hoffman all represented Whittier Law School at the Environmental Negotiations Competition in San Francisco.

According to the coach, Professor Reich, “I am very proud of our participants and am glad we could support them through the Environmental Law Concentration and our emphasis on experiential learning. Negotiating real-life pollution disputes before environmental practitioners has been great for students who are entering this rapidly-growing field and want to know what life outside the classroom is like.”

Said winning student Mykhal Ofili, “I wouldn’t have been able to do well in this tournament without the support of our coach, Professor Reich, and fellow team members Lee Hoffman, Brett Scott and Patrick Josten. While I competed individually, I benefitted from the ideas we all shared as a group.”

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