Whittier Law School Sponsors LatCrit Twentieth Anniversary Conference

Professor Seval Yildirim, Whittier Law School; Professor Tayyab Mahmud, Seattle University School of Law; and Whittier Law School Professors Manoj Mate, Stewart Chang, and Sheldon Lyke.

More than 70 esteemed faculty from law schools around the country attended the LatCrit 2015 Dinner and Reception at Whittier Law School on October 1st. Whittier Law School is the LatCrit Twentieth Anniversary Conference Sponsor, presented by the Latina and Latino Critical Legal Theory, Inc.

At the Conference, Whittier Law School Professor Stewart Chang moderated a panel entitled, “Scholarship for Social Justice”; Professor Sheldon Bernard Lyke participated on the panel “Critical Legal Theories”; and Professor Manoj Mate and Professor Seval Yildirim participated on a panel on Comparative and International Law. Professor Chang also served on the planning committee for the LatCrit/SALT Faculty Development Workshop.

LatCrit, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation which develops a critical, activist and inter-disciplinary discourse on law and policy towards Latinas/os, and fosters both the development of coalitional theory and practice as well as the accessibility of this knowledge to agents of social and legal transformation. LatCrit theorists aim to center Latinas/os’ multiple internal diversities and to situate Latinas/os in larger inter-group frameworks, both domestically and globally, to promote social justice awareness and activism.

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