Whittier Law School is not admitting students for fall 2017

April 24, 2017

Dear Whittier Law School Students,

I know last week was a difficult one for you. Now that the decision has been made not to accept any new law students and at an appropriate time to wind down the law program, I want to assure you of several things.

First, you and your education are our priority. The transition ahead has a lot of moving parts, and we will give you updates along the way as all details are worked out. That said, remember our assurance that you will have the opportunity to complete your legal education in a timely fashion.

If you wish to transfer to another law school, we will do all we can to help you with that effort. Associate Dean Tom McColl has already confirmed with several law schools their willingness to extend deadlines on your behalf, and he stands ready to advise you. For those students who do not transfer, we will have more definitive information shortly about the opportunity to complete your legal education as a Whittier Law School student.

In addition, once you and the faculty and staff were informed of the Board decision, I officially notified the American Bar Association, which will advise us during this transition.

Second, your future is important to us. Long after the law program is discontinued, we want you to be able to call upon our accomplished and caring alumni body. Alumni have pledged their support during this transition, including helping you network and find employment opportunities.

In addition, your educational records will be kept intact and transferred to the College. In the future, should you wish to obtain a transcript, it will be available from the Registrar’s Office at Whittier College. Other services in the area of alumni relations and career development will be made available to you at the College as well.

Third, we understand that this is difficult news to receive, and I completely sympathize. To help you focus on the challenging exams ahead, we have expanded counseling services and are offering them for free to students (as well as to the faculty and staff). Counseling services will be available today and Thursday of this week, and will continue to be available through July to support you as needed. Whittier College staff members also will be available to supplement the support you will receive from those already at the Law School. This week, Kristin Wiberg, Executive Assistant to the President, and Ericka Iniguez, Associate Director of Communications will be on site to identify ways to facilitate communication and coordination with the Law School campus.

We greatly appreciate your patience as we gather the information that will help us finalize the details of a plan to provide you with the opportunity to complete your legal education. Please continue to send your questions to us and we will get additional information to you as expeditiously as we can.

Sharon Herzberger

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