Whittier Law School’s experiential curriculum highlighted by OC Business Journal

Orange County Business Journal, October 16, 2014 (Subscription required)


Whittier Law School’s Associate Dean Martin Pritikin was quoted in an Orange County Business Journal article on the increasing prevalence of experiential coursework among OC law school curricula.

A third of all courses at Whittier Law School in Costa Mesa now have a substantial experiential element, said Associate Dean Martin Pritikin, including more than half of the 89 units students must pass to graduate.

This year it also added a one-unit class that teaches concepts such as emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.

“We want to integrate practical skills into the classroom, and not just for upper-division students,” he said.

A first-year course in civil procedure that previously involved discussion of jurisdiction via U.S. Supremee Court cases over the past 100 years now stages mock, in-class litigation.

“You’re in California, and the defendant is in Nevada,” Pritikin said. “What would you do?”

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