Whittier faculty to offer insight into potential impacts of Trump administration

With the upcoming inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump, Whittier Law School will host a panel discussion with faculty members who will share their expertise on possible impacts of the new administration.

The forum, titled “The Post-Election Landscape: Surveying the Road Ahead,” will be held Monday, January 23 from 5-7 p.m. in Room 1. Whittier faculty experts will address the following topics:

Robert Webster: Impacts on the European Union and Brexit

Stewart Chang: Impacts on Immigration Law and Policy

Dean Judith Daar: Impacts on Reproductive Technologies and Medicine

Tom Kelch: Impacts on Financial Regulation and Bankruptcy

Radha Pathak: Impacts on the Affordable Care Act

Peter Reich: Impacts on Environmental Law and Policy

Bryce Wooley: Impacts on LGBTQ Communities

Nelson Rose: Impacts on Gambling Law and Policy

The campus community and the general public are invited to attend the forum.

News media contact: Marc Stevens, Director of Communications, (714) 444-4141 ext. 207

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