Whittier Law School Makes Front-Page News with Whittier Legal Access Program

The Daily Pilot, January 16, 2015


The Whittier Law School Legal Access Program was the focus of a front-page article in the Daily Pilot newspaper. The story interviewed recent Whittier Law School alumni Jill Hiraizumi and Christopher Markelz, participants in the program.

Ten attorneys were chosen for the Whittier Legal Access Program, which started last week. Participants are provided office space, staff, training and mentoring. Most are recent grads who aim to strike out on their own rather than join a large firm.

Marty Pritikin, Whittier Law School associate dean, said he modeled the program on Touro Law Center’s law firm “incubator” at City University of New York. In recent years, more than a dozen similar programs have sprung up around the country, including two in San Diego, he said.

“My view is law schools need to rethink their relationship to their grads,” Pritikin said. “Education and training doesn’t end when they graduate.”

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