Protecting circus animals: recent Whittier Law graduate publishes article

A prestigious animal rights journal has published an article written by Jacqueline Neumann, a 2015 graduate of Whittier Law School. The article, "Redefining the Modern Circus: A Comparative Look at the Regulations Governing Circus Animal Treatment and America’s Neglect of Circus Animal Welfare" was first published in the Whittier Law Review in 2015.

Whittier Law School Alumni Jacqueline Neumann '15, at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in

The article was recently reprinted by Michigan State University’s Animal Legal and Historical Center, home to one of the leading voices in animal law and welfare, Professor David Favre. While it is somewhat common for a faculty article to be republished, it is quite rare for a student article to be republished, especially in such a respected publication.

In the article, Jacqueline gives a timeline of how the modern circus came to be, lays out the laws governing circus animal treatment in America, and sheds light on preferable approaches used in other countries, such as banning the use of animals in entertainment or requiring better care for those animals.

Jacqueline also discusses the journey of 25 retired circus lions, who now reside in Keeneseburg, Colorado at the Wild Animal Sanctuary. Animal Defenders International encouraged the Bolivian government to ban animals from the circus, and subsequently rescued them from a circus in Bolivia and brought them to their newly developed home at the sanctuary. She had the chance to visit the lions after she wrote her article and was very excited to see them adjusting perfectly in their new home.

Two rescued lions at the Wild Animal Sanctuary

Jacqueline is currently working at Orange County Coastkeeper in Costa Mesa, awaiting her California July Bar results. She has been offered a position there upon passing, and hopes to stay in the environmental law field.

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