Professor Julie Manasfi featured in WalletHub article on Taxpayer ROI

WalletHub, April 28, 2015


Professor Julie Manasfi, Director of the Business Law Concentration at Whittier Law School, was featured in an article by WalletHub on taxpayer ROI. Manasfi discussed how individual states’ tax burdens compared to their level of government services, how state and local governments can use tax revenue more efficiently, and financial transparency in government, among other things.

“Higher tax burdens result in more government revenue but the real issue is what the states do with the revenue they collect. Think of two families’ grocery shopping with different budgets. Does the family with more money to spend on food necessarily have better meals? No, in fact the family with less money may even do a better job if that family is more efficient in clipping coupons, food preparation and meal planning. Just like in our homes with our grocery money, more money to spend doesn’t necessarily mean better government services. It will depend on whether state and local governments use tax revenue efficiently.”

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