Professor I. Nelson Rose quoted by Center for Public Integrity in investigative piece on online gambling legalization

Center for Public Integrity, April 16, 2014


Professor I. Nelson Rose was quoted in an investigative piece by the Center for Public Integrity on the push to legalize online gambling throughout the United States.

“Today, 39 states have some form of casino gambling, and Americans bet away some $90 billion each year, including lotteries, more than on they spend on movies, concerts, theater and sporting events combined, according to the gambling scholar I. Nelson Rose, who teaches at Whittier Law School.”

“Rose, of Whittier Law School, said that the wave of gambling expansion that swept the country over the past 25 years has inured politicians to the reservations they once had. ‘Adding one more form, like Internet poker, is not a big deal now,” he said. “Every state has entrenched political operatives who have no problem with Internet gambling. As long as they’re the ones to run it.’”

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