Professor Betsy Rosenblatt comments on copyright laws and cloud computing

Can copyright laws keep up with cloud computing?

The Daily Journal, March 28, 2014 (Subscription required)


Whittier Law School professor Betsy Rosenblatt was quoted in an article that focuses primarily on the upcoming Supreme Court case between cloud-based internet TV startup Aereo and a variety of broadcasters, including ABC, CBS, Disney and Fox.

The Cablevision case shows the remoteness of a DVR is not relevant to the public performance question, according to Betsy Rosenblatt, director of the Center for Intellectual Property Law at Whittier Law School.

Aereo’s individual antennas are nearly indistinguishable from Cablevision’s services, she said. But, she added, it’s possible a ruling against Aereo could bolster business for other cloud services – not hinder them.

“If people can’t subscribe to Aereo, it might be good for licensed cloud services because it would make them more necessary,” Rosenblatt said. “Cable-cutting is a trend now, and Aereo helps facilitate that. If you can get network TV from Aereo, even people who don’t have cable or good TV reception don’t need to subscribe to Amazon or Netflix or Hulu Plus. But if Aereo stops, people need to subscribe to other services.”

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