Israel Study Abroad Students Work Overseas


Students in Whittier Law School’s Israel study abroad programs are not only learning abroad in Israel, they are gaining hands-on experience in the law.

Katlin Twigger is working at the K’nesset, the Israeli Parliament, which is much like the Congress in the United States. Katlin is assisting K’nesset Member Miki Zohar, who is a former mayor and was elected to the K’nesset in the last election. Katlin has attended a variety of political meetings, including one where the Prime Minister was present.

Other students in the Israel Study Abroad program are working at the Ministry of Justice, Public Defender (Appellate Division); Rackman Center for the Improvement of the Status of Women; Bizchut, The Israel Human Rights Center for People with Disabilities; Terrestrial Jerusalem; and NGO Monitor.

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