Professor I. Nelson Rose comments on Chris Christie’s move to legalize sports betting in New Jersey, September 8, 2014


Professor I. Nelson Rose commented on a decision by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s administration to stop enforcing state laws banning sports betting in the state.

“I find it, frankly, astounding,” said I. Nelson Rose, a professor at Whittier Law School in California whose expertise is gambling and gaming law. “I can’t imagine any lawyer telling a client, ‘Go ahead and violate federal anti-organized crime statues — which are felonies.’ He’s a former US Attorney; he knows about the [Interstate] Wire Act, which is designed to fight organized crime, and the Illegal Gambling Business Act,” Rose added. “Certainly, any New Jersey casino that did this would lose its license everywhere, including its assets [gained from sports betting.] So, I don’t understand what the thinking is. It’s a headline — but it’s a very weird headline. What Christie is telling the casinos to do is to violate federal law, and it’s a criminal law and the normal remedies for criminal law is to be arrested.”

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