A Message from the Whittier College Board of Trustees

April 19, 2017

Dear Whittier Law School Community:

The Board of Trustees has been greatly concerned by the challenges affecting our law program in recent years and, in 2015, the Board appointed a subcommittee to explore options for the future of the Law School. These have included working with the administration and faculty to redirect resources and efforts to improve student outcomes and right-size the operation in a manner to achieve enhanced academic viability. The Board invited a faculty taskforce to assess the educational program and considered faculty plans for improvement. The Board also entered into conversations with entities capable of investing in, merging with, or acquiring the Law School.

We believe we have looked at every realistic option to continue a successful law program. Unfortunately, these efforts did not lead to a desired outcome.

Accordingly, on April 15, 2017 the Board voted not to enroll new 1L classes at the Law School beginning this fall. We are committed to ensuring that students currently enrolled will have an opportunity to complete their degree in a timely fashion. At the appropriate time, the program of legal education will be discontinued.

As chairman, I appreciate the gravity of this decision and its impact on the lives of all those who belong to the Law School community. We will keep you informed as additional details develop over the next several weeks. In the interim, faculty, staff, and students with concerns should feel free to send questions to wlsinfo@whittier.edu. This email address has been established to ensure that we are able to respond effectively to your questions moving forward.


Alan Lund

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Whittier College Board of Trustees

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