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Judith F. Daar

Professor of Law

  • A.B., University of Michigan
  • J.D., Georgetown University Law Center

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From 2008 to 2012, Judith Daar served as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Since joining the faculty in 1990, Dean Daar has focused her teaching and scholarship at the intersection of law, medicine and ethics. Holding a joint appointment at the law school and the UCI School of Medicine, she enjoys teaching future doctors and lawyers about what each can learn from these companion professional disciplines. In 2012 she was elected to the American Law Institute. In 2005, Dean Daar became Chair of the Association of American Law School’s Section on Law, Medicine and Health Care, and in 2006 she was named to the Board of Directors of the American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics. She was elected President of ASLME in 2009 and re-elected for a second term in 2010. In 2007, she was appointed to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies, Committee on Informed Consent in ART, an interdisciplinary group of physicians and attorneys charged with drafting a model informed consent document for patients undergoing in vitro fertilization.

In 2008, Dean Daar was appointed to the Ethics Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, a group responsible for drafting policies to guide practitioners in the field of assisted conception. She is a member of the UCI Medical Center Medical Ethics Committee, where she serves on the Bioethics Consultation Team. She has also served as a member of the Harbor-UCLA Hospital Institutional Review Board, and the ABA Coordinating Group on Bioethics. Dean Daar has lectured extensively in the field of reproductive medicine, including giving testimony to the National Academies of Science, Committee on Science, Technology, and Law on the issue of oversight and regulation of reproductive medicine. Her scholarship focuses in the area of reproductive technologies where she has authored numerous articles on topics including stem cell research, human cloning, frozen embryo disputes, the use of genetic technologies and the regulation of reproductive medicine. Her book, Reproductive Technologies and the Law, was published in January 2006. A forthcoming book, The New Eugenics: Selective Breeding in an Era of Reproductive Medicine, will be published by Yale University Press.

Books and Book Chapters

  • Reproductive Technologies and the Law (Second Edition, 2013)
  • Teacher’s Manual For Reproductive Technologies and the Law (Second Edition, 2013)
  • The New Eugenics: Selective Breeding in an Era of Reproductive Technologies (Yale University Press, forthcoming)
  • Cambridge Dictionary of Bioethics, contributing author (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming)
  • Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court of the United States, contributing author (Thomson Gale, 2009)
  • Health Law Stories, contributing author (Aspen Publishers 2009)
  • Reproductive Technologies and the Law (LexisNexis, 2006)
  • Teacher’s Manual for Reproductive Technologies and the Law (LexisNexis 2006)


  • Federalizing Embryo Transfers: Taming the Wild West of Reproductive Medicine? Columbia J. Gender & L. (forthcoming 2012)
  • One Small Step for Genetics, One Giant Leap for Genocide?, Rutgers L. J. (forthcoming 2012)
  • The Case for a Parental Duty to Use Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis for Medical Benefit (with Janet Malek), Am. J. Bioethics (forthcoming 2012).
  • Is There Life After Death?: The Rise of the High Tech Family, 54 Orange Co. Lawyer 16 (March 2012)
  • Harmony and Compensation for Oocyte Providers (with Frances Batzer), 11 Am. J. of Bioethics 39 (2011).
  • ART Through the Ages: The Pioneers’ Perspective on Reproductive Medicine, 54(1) Perspectives in Biology & Medicine 115 (2011) (reviewing Susan L. Crockin & Howard W. Jones, Legal Conceptions: The Evolving Law And Policy of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (2010)).
  • In Memoriam: A Dedication to George Onyango, 31 Whittier L. Rev. 377 (2010).
  • Genetic Screening of Sperm and Oocyte Donors: Ethical and Policy Implications (with Robert Brzyski), 302 J. Am. Med. Ass’n 1702 (2009); Letter and Reply published at J. Am. Med. Ass’n (2010).
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  • Dreaming in Chromosomes (Book Review), 48 Technology and Culture 20 (2006).
  • The Case for a Genetic Bill of Rights (Book Review), American Journal of Bioethics (2006).
  • HIV and Fertility Care: Embarking on a Path of Knowledge and Access (with Eric Daar), 85 Fertility & Sterility 298 (2006).
  • Current Controversies in Reproductive Medicine, Commissioned Paper by the Institute on Biotechnology & the Human Future (2006).
  • ART and the Search for Perfectionism: On Selecting Gender, Genes and Gametes, 9 Iowa J. Gender, Race & Justice 241(2005).
  • State Law Regulation of Reproductive Technologies: A Study of Comity and Contrast Commissioned Paper by the Institute on Biotechnology & the Human Future (2005).
  • The Prospect of Human Cloning: Improving Nature or Dooming the Species? 33 Seton Hall Law Review 511 (2003).
  • Book Review of The Supreme Court in the Intimate Lives of Americans: Birth, Sex, Marriage, Childbearing, and Death, by Howard Ball (NYU Press 2002), Trial Magazine (Feb. 2003).
  • Disclosure Dilemmas In Genetic Research: Balancing Harms, Harmony and Humanity, 24 Whittier L. Rev. 454 (2003).
  • Regulating the Fiction of Informed Consent in ART Medicine, 1(4) American Journal of Bioethics 19 (2001).
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  • Informed Consent: Defining Limits Through Therapeutic Parameters, 4 Bioethics Bull. 1 (1995); 16 Whit. L. Rev. 189 (1995); cited by the court in Whiteside v. Lukson, 947 P.2d 1263 (1997).
  • A Clash at the Bedside: Patient Autonomy v. A Physician’s Professional Conscience, 44 Hastings Law J. 1241 (1993).
  • Selective Reduction of Multiple Pregnancy: Lifeboat Ethics in the Womb, 25 U.C. Davis L. Rev. 773 (1992).

Editorials and Commentaries and other Publications

  • Pending Sperm Donor Bill Threatens to Undo Family Ties, L.A. Daily Journal, Jul. 10, 2013
  • Is Sperm Donor Ever a Dad?, Blog Post, Harvard Bill of Health, Jul 9, 2013
  • Five Signs Your Surrogacy Agreement Has Gone Awry, Harvard Bill of Health, Mar. 6, 2013
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Quotes/Appearances in the News Media

  • Interviewed by CNN (July 12)
  • Quoted in (July 12)
  • Quoted in Coastline Pilot (June 28)
  • August 2013
  Society of Reproductive Endocrinologists and Infertility Fellows
Annual Fellows Retreat, Park City
“Legal and Ethical Minefields in Reproductive Medicine”
  • June 2013
  University of Minnesota School of Law
Symposium on Law & Policy of Reproductive Technologies
“Addressing Duties and Harms to ART Offspring”
  • June 2013
  Seton Hall School of Law
Annual Health Law Professors Conference
“Bioethics Update”
  • May 2013
  University of Michigan Rackham Graduate School
Reproductive Justice Conference
“Reproductive Justice and the New Eugenics”
  • April 2013
  Kaiser Permanente Medical Systems
LGBT Health Forum
“Family Formation Through Reproductive Technologies”
  • March 2013
  European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology/ASRM
Joint Congress
“The Law and Ethics of PGD for Sex Selection”
  • February 2013
  Thomas Jefferson School of Law
Faculty Colloquium
“The New Eugenics”
  • 2012 – Present, Elected Member, American Law Institute
  • 2012 – Present, Co-Chair, ABA Real Property, Trusts and Estate Law Bioethics Committee
  • 2008- 2010 President, American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics
  • 2009 Appointed Member, AALS Committee on Clinical Education
  • 2008 – Present Member, American Society for Reproductive Medicine
    Ethics Committee
  • 2007 – Present Member, Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies
    Committee on Informed Consent
  • 2005 – 2006 Chair, AALS Section on Law, Medicine & Health Care
    2003 – Secretary; 2004 – Chair-Elect
  • 2002 – Present Member, University of California Irvine Medical Center
    Medical Ethics Committee
  • 1999 – 2001 Member, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
    Human Subjects Research Committee
  • 1998 – Present Member, Community Advisory Board
    Legal Aid Society of Orange County
    Health Care Ombuds Program
  • 1986 – 2005 Chair, Los Angeles County Bar Association
    Bioethics Committee, Subcommittee on Reproductive Issues
  • 1986 – 2006 Member, Sherman Oaks Hospital and Health Center
    Biomedical Ethics Committee
  • 1991 – 1995 At-large Member
    American Bar Association Coordinating Group on Bioethics and the Law
  • 1988 – 1990 Co-Chair, Los Angeles County Bar Association
    Bioethics Committee (membership ongoing)
  • 1988 – 1990 Chair, Student Conduct Committee UCLA Campus

Teaching Awards

  • 2008 Teacher of the Year – Whittier Law School Alumni Association
  • 2002 Teacher of the Year – Whittier Law School, Class of 2008
  • 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 Marshall at Graduation
  • 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, Voted by Whittier Law School Student Body
    2003, 2004, 2006, 2008