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Faculty Blogs

Blogs written by Whittier Law School faculty include:

The Collection Gap by Professor Martin Pritikin

The blog seeks to address the disconnect or “gap” in regulatory enforcement between theory and practice, between rule-making or adjudication and implementation. While academics debate the merits of imposing fines on corporations and white-collar offenders, the reality is that the bulk of the fines that are imposed — totaling billions of dollars — are never collected. This blog is co-authored with Ezra Ross, Assistant Professor of Lawyering Skills at the University of California, Irvine School of Law.

Law and Reform by Professor Manoj Mate

This blog provides coverage and analysis of the role of law, courts, and social movements in advocating for and effectuating political, social, economic, and other forms of reform globally. This blog was inspired Professor Mate’s research on the role of law, courts and social movements in the struggle for reform in India and the U.S.