Law Library


Legal career opportunities abound in Southern California’s dynamic legal community.

Reference & Circulation Services

Reference assistance is available to Library patrons at the reference counter during most hours that the Library is open. In addition, student assistants are often at the circulation counter to help with directional questions and to check out Reserve items.

In general, materials in our Library do not circulate, and Library patrons may not check materials out of the Library. Some exceptions are made for Faculty, Law Review members and Externalized Moot Court members who may enjoy special check-out privileges.

Library staff members will check out Reserve items for you to use within the Library. Our students are provided with WLS photo identification cards which can be used to check out books from the Reserve area of the Library. Patrons without a student I.D. must leave some other reliable/valuable form of identification at the circulation counter in order to use items from the Reserve or Reference collections. For the most part, Reserve materials may be used for as long as necessary while the Library is open. When the demand is high, however, a shorter time-limit may be enforced. Reserve materials must be returned before the party who has checked them out leaves the Library.

Computer and Online Resources

A variety of computer-based resources are available in the “Student Computer Lab” (SCL): word processing, online legal research services, e-mail, Internet access, and Computer Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI). Because of contractual limitations and Law School policy, access to and use of the Lab and its resources are restricted to current WLS students, faculty, and staff. Students are advised that, during periods of high demand, Library staff may impose time limits on the use of these resources. Students using these resources are expected to complete their tasks in a timely and efficient manner.

The SCL contains a variety of personal computer equipment. 21 high-speed IBM-clone PCs are loaded with variety of recently issued software programs, including both Word and WordPerfect. These PCs have 17-inch monitors and been given networked connections to 2 Hewlett-Packard laser printers at the “PC Print Station.”

The cost of printing from the laser printers is 8.3 cents per page and the cost of printing from the dot-matrix printers is free. A table (“WLS Computer Information”) providing a detailed listing of computer equipment is posted at the back of the SCL. The SCL is also equipped with a Xerox electric typewriter.

The Law Library subscribes to two online legal research databases, LEXIS-NEXIS and WESTLAW. These systems may be accessed from the Lexis Center, the Westlaw Center, the Student Computer Lab or from off-campus locations via the Internet.

At Whittier Law School these systems are treated primarily as instructional tools. All students have the opportunity during their first year of law school to be trained to use LEXIS-NEXIS and WESTLAW. The appropriate dates and times for this training are determined by the Legal Skills faculty. Only those students who have completed training may have full access to these systems. Absent other instructions from the Legal Skills faculty, neither LEXIS-NEXIS nor WESTLAW may be used to complete assignments for the Introduction to Legal Skills class. In addition, all WLS students may use these two systems only for research directly related to the educational activities of Whittier Law School.

In addition to online resources, the Library provides access to a number of valuable CD-ROM-based databases. These databases can be accessed from computer stations located in the Media Center. Please consult the signs at those stations for descriptions of the databases available.

Several older-generation Pentium computers have been made available for public word processing and placed in the Media Center. These PCs are loaded with Word and WordPerfect. At this time, there is no printing available from these computers.

The Library assumes no responsibility for the loss of data due to operator error or system failure in connection with the use of computer and online resources. All patrons are urged to bring floppy disks with them to the Library and to save their files frequently on such disks.

Laptops may be used throughout the Library. Many of the seats have electrical outlets conveniently located for laptops. There are, however, a few areas designated as “Laptop-Free Zones” for students who are bothered by the noise of the keyboards. Please respect these areas if you are using a laptop.

Other Services & Resources



The Library’s photocopy machines are located in two alcoves along the west side of the Library. The Front Photocopy Alcove is located behind the Media Center and the Rear Photocopy Alcove is located just past the conference rooms. Each Alcove is equipped with 2 photocopiers and 1 copycard vending unit. The photocopiers utilize either coins or copycards. The copycard vending units will issue blank copycards (by accepting $1-bills) or will add credits to a copycard (by accepting $1-, $5-, $10- or $20-bills). Copycard credits are added at the rate of 12 credits per dollar (8.3 cents each). Students, including Law Review members and Moot Court members, must pay for all copies they make in the Library.


The conference rooms in the Library are for the exclusive use of current WLS students and may be reserved ahead of time. Only groups composed of two or more students who wish to discuss matters related to law school work may use these rooms. Limits may be imposed on the length of time any one group or any one member of a group is allowed to use the conference rooms. In order to check out a conference room, two members of the group must provide proper identification at the circulation counter.


Only WLS staff and faculty may use the telephones in the Library. Students may not use those telephones but may use the pay telephones located just outside the Library entrance. The Library staff will take short messages for students only and place those messages on the Student Message Board near the Library exit. However, in keeping with law school policy, Library staff will not search for a student in response to a telephone call, even in emergency situations.


Faculty members often leave handouts outside the Library for their classes. They will alert you to this practice. These handouts are placed on a table in the Foyer outside the Library entrance. Course handouts are not the responsibility of Library staff members who do not produce these items and do not know if or when they will be available for pick-up by students.


Initially, students are assigned a WLS e-mail address and a generic password. At that point, students may access their accounts from the Student Computer Lab in the Library or from any off campus location via the Internet (at: – click on “WHITTIER LAW SCHOOL GROUPWISE E-MAIL”). To ensure privacy, each student is urged to read the appropriate handout available at the circulation counter (“GroupWise E-mail Web Access Tips for Students”) as soon as possible in order to replace the generic password with a password chosen by (and known only to) the student.


The Adaptive Learning Center was established to provide access to information resources to WLS students with special needs. Students wishing to use the Center must arrange to do so with the Associate Dean of Student Services.


Library computing resources and other equipment are intended for use by those engaged in law-related study and research. Use of such equipment in violation of law or in violation of the regulations or Student Code of Conduct of Whittier Law School is prohibited.


Users of Library tables and study carrels are advised that all Library items left in these areas are removed and reshelved throughout the day. Personal items belonging to Library patrons should not be left unattended in any area of the Library.