Law Library

Law Library

Legal information is at the core of the study and practice of law. For this reason, Whittier Law School is committed to providing a comprehensive, well-managed law library for its students and faculty. Whittier’s Law Library is open more than 100 hours per week. The Library provides professional services for day and evening students. It is the largest law library between Los Angeles and San Diego.

The Library contains in excess of 350,000 volumes to aid students with instruction and research. The collection includes materials in print, on laser disc, and on microform. Printers are available for the microform materials. Low-cost photocopiers are located in two alcoves in the library.

Students may study in the Segerstrom Reading Room or one of the many carrels or tables located in the book stacks. For student group meetings there are fourteen Conference Rooms and rooms for viewing video tapes. The library maintains an Adaptive Learning Center for sight impaired students.

The library is located in Building Four on the Campus and is connected to the Classroom building. Student organizations have offices in these buildings as well. The library has its own entrance, adjacent to the student parking lot. The entire library is on one floor and all the resources in the library are easily accessible.

For more information about the collection refer to the online catalog.

Library Computer Resources

The law library is equipped with several important computer-based resources. In the library computer lab, students have access to PCs, Macintosh computers, and printers. These computers are loaded with WordPerfect word-processing software, and Computer-Assisted-Legal Instruction (CALI) programs, which allow students to study specific subject areas within the law.

There are also network computers for access to the library CD-ROM collection, government documents, OCLC WorldCat/WOLLFPAC (the online public access catalog or OPAC), which affords quick and convenient electronic access to the library’s collection, and commercial services, such as LEXIS/NEXIS and WESTLAW/DIALOG. Printing is available for students in the computer lab.

Students may access the Internet from the student lab. The school provides e-mail accounts, accessible from campus or home via the Internet.

In addition to the computer lab, the school provides LEXIS and WESTLAW training centers. These labs allow access to and training in commercial legal data bases.

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