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Tuition Insurance

Because we believe protecting the investment in education is important, as a Whittier Law School student you are being given the ability to participate in the Tuition Refund Insurance Program by GradGuard™ that includes the Student Protection Plan benefits. This program complements and enhances our published refund policy and includes $10,000 per term ($20,000 for the academic year) of coverage if you are forced to withdraw from school for a covered medical or mental health reason. The cost is $304.50 and you will be billed separately by Next Generation Insurance Group, which operates GradGuard.

The GradGuard Student Protection Plan includes the following: $25,000 in accidental death coverage, ID Theft and Resolution Services, Roadside Assistance and Cell Phone Coverage, local and national discounts, and membership in College Parents of America. For complete terms and conditions of each benefit, please click here.

If you want this protection and the benefits of the GradGuard Student Protection Plan, please indicate so below by July 15, 2016.

Whittier Law School is not compensated for this program. GradGuard Renters Insurance is a valuable voluntary benefit of campus housing. Coverage is strongly recommended, but not required, and may be canceled at any time.

Once the July 15, 2016 deadline passes, you will need to please visit for more information.