Summer Intent for Financial Aid

Financial Aid for Summer Session

If you are planning to attend summer school (on campus and abroad) and would like to receive financial aid, please submit this application by April 29th to ensure your summer aid will be awarded properly.

Students should plan accordingly and be aware of the non-refundable policy on all abroad programs and other related matters. Summer financial aid is available to cover the cost of the on-campus or abroad program as set forth in the budget only. Any other fixed costs for living expenses are not included in the budget and are the sole responsibility of the student.

It is important to remember that in order to maintain eligibility for financial aid a student is required to be in good academic standing. Students who are currently on academic notice, probation, or not making satisfactory academic progress (SAP) after the fall semester are at risk of losing eligibility for financial aid for the summer term. These students will not be packaged with financial aid for the summer term until grades are reported and finalized for the spring semester. Also, students who do not make satisfactory academic progress are fully responsible to pay for tuition and other expenses related to his/her summer enrollment, including those programs that start and end before spring grades are in.

Students attending non-WLS classes/programs must contact the host school for information related to the cost of the program, arrangements for tuition payment, and other requirements. Students must provide (1) a copy of the approval for the non-WLS programs and (2) the acceptance letter and the host school's contact information for financial aid processing to the Financial Aid Office in order to receive financial aid. Only costs of the attended program can be included in the financial aid budget.

Regulations require students to enroll in at least three (3) units for the summer session in order to receive financial aid. Normal enrollment at WLS for the summer session is 3-6 units. A student may enroll in multiple programs for the summer term; however, (1) one program must satisfy the minimum enrollment of 3 units, and (2) the start and end dates of each program must not overlap (regardless if there is no final examination or when the final examination is given). Also, the budget for summer financial aid is based on the information provided before registration. Therefore, it is subject to adjustment should there be any change in the enrollment.

If you have any questions, please stop by the Office of Financial Aid, or call us at (714) 444-4141 ext. 203.

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If I borrow loans for the summer session, I understand (a) I have read the FA policy for summer session, (b) I must confirm the acceptance of my aid awards online, and (c) I must apply for the eligible loan in order for the FAO to certify my loan. Any delay on my part will slow the processing of my loan and disbursement. I also understand that it is my responsibility to contact the Department of Education for the status of approval and release of my loan funds. As financial aid disbursements occur within 10 days prior to the start of classes or study abroad programs, I am aware that I am responsible for all costs and expenses incurred before the arrival of my loan funds.

  I acknowledge that I have read the information above and understand my responsibilities in regards to summer financial aid.