The Whittier Experience


Media Experts By Area

We invite members of the media to use the experts within the Whittier Law School faculty to provide commentary on current events in a wide range of legal issues. Below is a listing of common story topics and links to faculty experts in that area.

For assistance, please contact Judy DeVine, Director of Communications, at (714) 444-4141 ×131 or email

Admiralty Law: Denny Haythorn

Adoption, International Law: Jennifer Mertus

Adoption, Domestic Law: Deborah Forman, Jeanne Thomas

Affirmative Action: Sheldon Bernard Lyke

American Politics and Election Law: Manoj Mate

Animal Law: Thomas Kelch

Asian American Issues: Stewart Chang

Assisted Reproductive Technologies: Judith Daar, Deborah Forman

Aviation Law: Denny Haythorn

Bankruptcy Law: Thomas Kelch

Business Litigation: Martin Pritikin

Business Transactions: Joseph Donnini

Celebrity Images/Publicity: David Welkowitz

Child Abuse and Neglect: Bill Patton

Child Custody/Support: Deborah Forman, Jeanne Thomas, Stewart Chang

Civil Litigation: Martin Pritikin, Radha Pathak

Civil Rights: Stewart Chang

Community Property: Calvin Peeler

Constitutional Law: Manoj Mate, Neil Cogan, Mary Ellen Gale

Courts, Federal and State: Radha Pathak

Copyright Law: Joseph Donnini, Betsy Rosenblatt

Criminal Law: Martin Pritikin, Robert M.C. Webster

Domestic Violence: Jeanne Thomas, Stewart Chang

Divorce, Family Law: Dean Penelope Bryan, Deborah Forman

Entertainment Law: Joseph Donnini, Robert Webster

Environmental Law: Peter Reich

Families, non-traditional: Deborah Forman

Foreign Policy: Manoj Mate

French Law: Calvin Peeler

Gambling Law: I. Nelson Rose

Guardianships: Jeanne Thomas

Health Law: Paul Arshagouni

Human Rights Law: Manoj Mate, Sheldon Bernard Lyke

Immigration Law: Stewart Chang

Indian/South Asian Law: Manoj Mate

International and Comparative Law: Manoj Mate, Sheldon Bernard Lyke

International Relations: Calvin Peeler

International Security: Manoj Mate

Israeli Law: Neil Cogan, Erez Aloni

Jail Overcrowding: Martin Pritikin

Jewish Law: Martin Pritikin

Juvenile Law: Bill Patton

Legal History: Peter Reich

LGBT Issues: Erez Aloni

Limited Conservatorships: Jeanne Thomas

Maritime Law: Denny Haythorn

Mexico/U.S. Relations: Peter Reich

Mexican Law: Peter Reich

National Security: Manoj Mate

Native American Law: Warren Cohen

Natural Resource Law: Peter Reich

Patent Law: Betsy Rosenblatt

Property Law: Peter Reich

Real Estate Transactions: Joseph Donnini

Racism/Discimination: Stewart Chang, Sheldon Bernard Lyke

Reproductive Technology: Judith Daar, Deborah Forman

Same-Sex Marriage: Deborah Forman, Erez Aloni

Sexual Orientation and the Law: Sheldon Bernard Lyke

Sports Law: Joseph Donnini

South Asian Law and Politics: Manoj Mate

Stem Cell Research: Judith Daar

Surrogacy: Judith Daar Deborah Forman

Tax Law: Julie Manasfi

Trademarks: Betsy Rosenblatt, David Welkowitz,

Videogame Law: Betsy Rosenblatt

Water Law: Peter Reich

White Color Crime: Martin Pritikin

Women’s Rights: Patricia Leary