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Yair Lorberbaum

Adjunct Professor of Law

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Human Dignity in Jewish Law

Dr. Yair Lorberbaum is a member of the Bar Ilan University, Faculty of Law, where he lectures on the Philosophy of Law, Jewish Law and Jewish Thought. Prof.Lorbebraum has been a guest lecturer at: Yale University, Cardozo Law School, Princeton University, and NYU Law School, he served as the Gruss Professor of Talmudic Law, in the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and was a Starr fellow at The Center for Jewish Studies at Harvard University.

Dr. Lorberbaum’s scholarly works include: The Image of God: Halakhahand Aggadah, [Hebrew] by Schoken Press (2004). This book appeared in English in 2015 by Cambridge UP, titled: In God’s Image: Myth, Theology and Law in Classical Judaism. He is co-author of the first volume of The Jewish Political Tradition, published by Yale University Press (2000); Melekh Evion – Kingship in Classical Judaism (2010) [=Disempowered King, Kingship in Classical Judaism, Continuum: London 2012]. His forthcoming books are: Gezerat Ha-Katuv (Decree of Scripture) – On Rules and Reasons, Halakhah and Theology, and: Apples of Gold in Silver Setting: Maimonides on Parables, Philosophy and Law.