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Wage & Hour Law

LAW 738

Wage and hour laws govern how employees are paid and represent a significant legal risk for employers that do not understand the ins-and-outs of both state and federal wage laws. These highly regulated mandates are the backbone of rules and requirements in the workplace (key issues include: overtime, meal and rest periods, timing of pay, classifying exempt employees, etc.) This course is designed to educate students about wage-and-hour law to ensure the best first step in mitigating substantial financial risk to your prospective client.

Water Law and Policy

LAW 390

In the Old West, it was said that “whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting over.” For the practicing attorney today, understanding water rights is crucial in real estate development, land use planning, environmental regulation, and international law. The course covers the surface water doctrines of prior appropriation and riparianism, groundwater, interstate allocation, ecosystem protection, and cross-border allocation.

White Collar Crime

LAW 553

An overview of substantive areas in economic crime and fraud, such as antitrust, consumer protection, and investment fraud; and an introduction to the principal investigation and prosecution techniques used in undercover investigations, search warrants, and the grand jury.

Wills and Trusts

LAW 408

A study of the methods of disposing of a donor's wealth during lifetime and at death, with emphasis on the use of wills and trusts.

Women and the Law

LAW 559

This course is based on the relationship between three ideas: 1) oppression of women is cross-cultural; 2) the particular forms that this oppression takes is influenced by the culture in which women live; and 3) that law is a reflection of culture and thus creates and supports systems of oppression. The methodology of this course will work a balance between the extremes of ignoring the conditions of women's lives and challenging these conditions from a position of cultural superiority.