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Securities Regulation

LAW 548

A review of the law of securities regulation, developed through the Securities Act of 1933, the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, state "blue sky" laws, and the judicial interpretation and rule-making of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Selected Topics in Law and Sexuality


This course will explore gender and sexuality issues in a number of legal, social and theoretical contexts. It will examine how the American legal system constructs and regulates various aspects of gender and sexuality, but it is not intended to be a general survey course. Topics will vary by semester and professor.

Sex Discrimination

LAW 568

An investigation of how American Law treats women differently than men, and whether or not it should. Topics covered may include employment discrimination law, especially Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act; sexual harassment; the role of women in the profession; conflicts between work and family; marriage, divorce, child custody, abortion and new reproductive technologies; and domestic violence, rape, and pornography.

Sexuality, Gender, and Displacement

LAW 726

This course examines the social, political, and legal aspects of the ways in which sexuality and gender play a central role in the displacement and forced migration of people globally, as well as international legal instruments aimed at providing relief. Specific topics of study may include gender persecution, gender-related violence, sexual-orientation persecution, and international trafficking of women and children.

Social Science & Public Policy on LGBT Issues Seminar

LAW 391

Empirical claims about the lives of LGBT people have played an important role in many major legal decisions and in legislation. This course will analyze the use of social science research in public policy debates and court cases on LGBT issues. In particular, the course will focus on social science research on employment discrimination against LGBT people, LGBT parenting, and the legal recognition of same-sex couples. We will also compare the approaches different countries take to collecting data on sexual orientation and gender identity, since those policies will influence the type of research available.

Spanish for Lawyers I

LAW 382

An introduction to Spanish language for lawyers, designed for law students who anticipate working with Spanish speaking clients. The goal is to help students develop basic skills in reading, understanding and writing in Spanish. The course focuses on language acquisition sufficient for interacting with Spanish speakers. The teaching methods will include exercises to simulate client interviews, client intakes, and conversations to solicit basic personal information. This course will be taught in both English and Spanish. Prerequisites: None. Some previous knowledge of Spanish is preferred.

Spanish for Lawyers II

LAW 383

This is an advanced course focusing on legal vocabulary to enhance students to develop the necessary skills to read, understand, translate and write in Spanish, in a lawyer-like fashion. The course focuses on advanced language acquisition (legal concepts, interpretations and vocabulary), sufficient to interact with Spanish speakers; reading and comprehension techniques of legal concepts; drafting legal documents; simultaneous interpretations of legal concepts and proper application of Spanish legal vocabulary to the different areas of the Law. Spanish for Lawyers I is not a prerequisite for Spanish for Lawyers II. However, it is strongly recommended that students that enroll in this course have basic/intermediate proficiency in Spanish.

Spanish Law & the LGBT Community

LAW 392

This course explores Spanish efforts to eradicate discrimination and violence against the LGBT community from a comparative perspective. The course will explore legal instruments that address violence on the basis of gender and sexual orientation and other rules specifically addressed at the LGBT community. The course will discuss strategies to protect the LGBT community from violence and discrimination and how those strategies have been and are being utilized.

Special Education Law

LAW 519

An examination of legal issues relating to the provision of educational resources and related services to children with disabilities. Statutory, regulatory, and judicial principles applicable to the following areas are examined: who is protected under IDEA (the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act); what constitutes discrimination in identification and evaluation for special education eligibility; what constitutes appropriate placement; what are the legal requirements for integration of children with disabilities into the regular classroom; which related services, such as health services, must be provided to children with disabilities in the education context; and what due process procedures are mandated under the IDEA section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), to protect children with disabilities in the educational setting.

Sports Law

LAW 549

This course examines a wide range of legal issues and relationships in the sports industry, including player negotiations and contracts, leases, licensing, leagues, franchising, and intellectual property issues in sports law.

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