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Native Americans & the Law

LAW 572

Topics covered may include the analysis of the relationship between Native American tribes and federal and state governments; the role of Congress, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and tribal governments; Native American education; economic development on reservations; water, hunting, and fishing rights; religion; criminal justice, and the role of customary Native American laws; urban Native American rights; and the status of California Native American "Rancherias."

Natural Resources Seminar

LAW 358

This course surveys and evaluates federal and state law regulating the use of natural resources, with special emphasis on mining, water, and timber issues. Today's international situation and economic downturn have sharpened conflicts over the exploitation and preservation of these raw materials, so along with traditional sources such as cases and statutes, the class will discuss relevant articles from natural resource periodicals such as High Country News. There is no prerequisite for this course, although some subjects introduced in Real Property, such as takings and the public trust doctrine, will be considered in greater depth.