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LAW 960

A lecture and simulation course covering the principles and skills used in mediation. The course also offers a comparative overview of the field of alternative dispute resolution, and in particular the practical differences between using arbitration or mediation in resolving disputes. Simulations and other exercises are conducted to develop practice skills and to explore the public policy and legal issues that arise.

Modern Real Estate Transactions

LAW 541

An examination of the legal issues involved in real estate sales and financing; subdivision financing and development; planned unit development, condominiums, cooperatives, and income-producing (rental) properties; and tax considerations.

Moot Court Honors Board

LAW 561

Student teams research and prepare appellate briefs and practice oral arguments, under the direction of a faculty advisor or faculty coach and/or provide other services for general Moot Court Honors Board (MCHB) activities. Enrollment is based on membership on the MCHB and subject to the approval of the MCHB and faculty advisor(s).