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International Business Negotiations

LAW 520

A review of the principles involved in international business negotiations with an emphasis on negotiation, arbitration, and mediation during the contracting process and as alternatives to litigation in resolving civil disputes. Practical strategies are discussed with an introduction to the role of the international lawyer in each of the different processes with multinational enterprises.

International Business Transactions

LAW 555

This course covers both private and public (government regulation) aspects of international business transactions. Specific topics covered may include international sales contracts and the Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG), regulation of foreign investment and bilateral investment treaties (BITs), private international dispute resolution (including choice of forum and choice of law clauses, international commercial arbitration, and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards), U.S. customs law, remedies and responses to unfairly traded imports, and the regulation of international bribery through the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention.

International Children’s Rights

LAW 387

This course will explore the difficult and complex world of international children’s rights. Topics covered may include past and present legislation, child labor, children in the sex industry, children living on their own, children and punishment, children in armed conflict, and enforcement of children’s rights.

International Entertainment Law

LAW 737

This course is designed to provide a very practical overview of the international legal regime that governs the global entertainment business. The course will cover intellectual property matters such as trademark and copyright laws in addition to dealing with issues relating to reputation protection, freedom of expression and privacy and the law of Ideas. Talent contracts and related immigration matters will also be considered.

International Human Rights

LAW 579

This course will consider the historical and contemporary influences on the development of International Human Rights and will proceed to cover the United Nations human rights system, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Charter and subsequent treaties and conventions in addition to customary international legal rules governing this increasingly important and rapidly evolving area. Major consideration will be devoted to the monitoring and enforcement of human rights norms as well as discussion of the controversial issues that dominate the subject. Various approaches to human rights will be explored and examined from the perspectives of the United States, Europe, and the Developing World.

International Intellectual Property Law

LAW 379

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to intellectual property concepts in the context of a global economy. The topics covered illustrate not only the application of legal principles, but the impact the treatment of intellectual property rights has on a broad range of social and political interests.

International Law

LAW 530

This is a survey course of fundamental international law concepts. Among the topics covered will be the history and various aspects of the international legal systems, establishing jurisdiction in various international courts, different issues in international human rights law, and the changing legal terrain after the attacks of 9/11/2001.

International Sports Law

LAW 961

This course will introduce students to the developing field of international sports law and the practical application and impact of such laws. The course examines the legal and international dimensions of the modern sports industry. Additional areas of course coverage may include the historical development of amateur and professional sports, the structure of sporting organizations, the international governance of sport, the impact of intellectual property on sponsorship and promotion of sporting events, the special problems associated with doping in sports, international sports as a basis for advancing social and political agendas, and the increasing commercialization and globalization of sports.

Internet Law

LAW 590

Internet activity is now engaged in by hundreds of millions of individuals and businesses of all sizes, requiring 21st century lawyers to have an understanding of the legal issues in the cyber domain. This course will explore a range of legal issues in cyber domain, including cyber security, privacy, network ownership and access, private versus public regulation of cyberspace, speech in cyberspace, content as property and intellectual property in cyberspace, jurisdiction over cyberspace activities, liability of intermediaries, state and local regulation of cyberspace, and the interrelationship between technology and law as mechanisms of regulation.

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