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Health Law

LAW 527

A review of significant issues in health law, including the quality, accessibility, delivery, and cost of health care services, as well as the major legal problems inherent in the regulation of the health care system, with a focus on legislative, judicial, and administrative developments.

Honors Writing

LAW 552

This course is an honors writing course and is the fourth course required to earn a Certificate in Legal Writing. This is a capstone course that builds on the core writing curriculum while challenging students with advanced study in logical and creative thinking, intricate analysis, and sophisticated case synthesis. Students will produce a 30-50 page paper of publishable quality. This course must be taken in a student's final year of law school. Prerequisites: (1) a CGPA that places the student in the top 15% of his or her class at the time of registration for the course and (2) a 3.4 or above in each Lawyering Skills 1 (LAW 106), Lawyering Skills 2 (LAW 107), and Lawyering Skills 3 (LAW 207A or LAW 207B). *Prior to Fall 2013, this course was titled Advanced Legal Reasoning.

Human Dignity in Jewish Law

LAW 736

Imago Dei (the biblical notion of man being created in God's image) is a central notion in the Jewish Tradition. The importance of Imago Dei within classical Judaism is due, not only to its centrality as a theological conception, but also to its normative-legal (i.e. halakhic) implications and ramifications, among them criminal law, torts, family law. This course will focus on the Book of Genesis, Talmudic literature, and the philosophical and legal writings of Maimonides to elucidate the meaning given to this idea and emphasizes application in different areas of the Law.