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Gaming Law

LAW 578

An examination of issues related to legal gambling. The primary emphasis is on gaming in the United States, although other countries may be discussed. Topics may include the proliferation of legal gambling, common law and governmental licensing and regulatory schemes, the right to advertise, the ability to collect gambling debts, compulsive and underage gamblers, taxation and bankruptcy, public welfare issues, and Indian gaming.

Genocide and the Law

LAW 220

Using several major examples of genocide and mass conflict across the world, this course will examine the causes of these atrocities, the relationship between national and international policies and events, and the personal and global responsibility to take preventive action. The uniqueness and similarities of these atrocities will be discussed in an effort to understand decisions to eliminate innocent people; the legal structures that supported genocide; and post-genocide issues of justice, prosecution, reparations, and community-building. The course will also examine ad hoc tribunals established by the United Nations to adjudicate those accused of perpetrating genocide in former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Cambodia, and other places; and the permanent institutions at regional and international levels, with special attention given to the International Criminal Court.