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Bankruptcy Law

LAW 517

An examination of debtor and creditor rights, including typical state procedures for the enforcement of claims and exemptions under statutory and common law, and federal bankruptcy proceedings.

Bankruptcy Seminar

LAW 340

This course concentrates on Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code, the business reorganization provisions used by GM, Chrysler and many other distressed businesses. The primary focus is on the process of and requirements for confirming a plan of reorganization in a Chapter 11 case. In addition, subjects of particular interest in Chapter 11 cases, like sales of assets, obtaining credit, and the bizarre world of executory contracts in bankruptcy are covered. This course is not duplicative of the non-seminar bankruptcy course.

Business and Technology of Law Practice

LAW 733

This course will provide a hands-on focus on the business issues that lawyers face—both those seeking to develop solo practices as well as those who are associates at existing firms—and on the technologies that are changing the practice of law both in and out of the courtroom. Business topics may include, but are not limited to, developing a business plan, effective and ethical client marketing and business development, formulating fee arrangements and effectively and efficiently collecting fees, managing overhead, and insurance considerations. Technology topics may include, but are not limited to, selecting and utilizing law practice management software, alternative legal research technologies, "virtual" law firm platforms, client document transmission and retention software, use of social media for client development as well as in discovery and jury selection, and in-courtroom presentation applications.

Business Associations

LAW 404

An introduction to the laws of business associations. This course examines the legal issues surrounding formation, financing and control of corporations, and non-corporate business associations.

Business Associations Practicum

LAW 409

Topics covered in the regular Business Associations will be reinforced through role-playing, negotiation, and document drafting. Prerequisite: Business Associations (LAW 404).

Business Transactions: Deals and Dealmaking

LAW 389

This course is designed for students who wish to develop the practical skills necessary to understand, negotiate, and prepare contracts, thereby better preparing themselves to meet the demands of parties actually engaged in business deals. Specifically, the course will examine, from the perspective of the corporate lawyer, topics such as the process by which a company's business is acquired.

**Prior to Spring 2017, this course was titled Business Transactions: The Art of the Deal**