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Asian Americans and the Law

LAW 423

This course will study the legal history of Asian Americans in the United States and evaluate the development and use of Asian American jurisprudence to address contemporary legal issues pertinent to race and civil liberties. Since the 19th century, American law has shaped the demographics, experiences, and possibilities for Asian Americans. This course will trace the legal history of Asian Americans through judicial opinions, legal commentary, social science, and historical readings on topics such as immigration and naturalization, de jure discrimination, and the World War II internment of Japanese Americans. This course will also explore the ways in which Asian Americans have impacted American law, through constitutional litigation and recent scholarship. Finally, this course will address contemporary legal issues, which range from racial violence, media stereotypes, language access, affirmative action, and post 9/11 civil liberties issues. Although this course focuses on the Asian American experience, it is not meant for Asian Americans alone.

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