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The purpose of the Whittier Law School Alumni Association is to advance the interests and promote the welfare of Whittier Law School, a private educational institution, its students and alumni.

The purpose of the Association is to:

  1. Further the interests of the Whittier Law School alumni.
  2. Assist Whittier Law School to recruit students, retain placement of students and graduates, enhance career opportunities for students and young alumni, transition students to active alumni, foster a network between students, alumni, faculty, administration and the legal and business communities, and help create other programs and activities to support and enhance WLS.
  3. Help Whittier Law School plan and operate any alumni social events.

Goals of the Association

  1. Maintain a strong close relationship with the Whittier Law School community.
  2. Engage in constant communication and coordination with alumni and the Law School.
  3. Assist the Law School in reputation and rankings improvement.
  4. Provide necessary news and services to alumni.
  5. Assist the Law School with Alumni Chapter Lunches and the Annual Awards Banquet.

Whittier Law School Alumni Association Board Members

  1. President: Kenya Williams, Class of 2010
  2. Chairman: Steve Manning, Class of 1979
  3. Vice President: Holly Woesner, Class of 2002
  4. Vice President: James Galliver, Class of 2006
  5. Treasurer: John Fitzgerald, Class of 1993
  6. Secretary: Michelle Philo, Class of 2012
  7. Director-at-Large: Brigid Joyce, Class of 2002
  8. Director-at-Large: Timothy Lambirth, Class of 1978
  9. Director-at-Large: Aastha Madaan, Class of 2012
  10. LA Chapter Co-Chair: Lisa Angelo, Class of 2002
  11. LA Chapter Co-Chair: Timothy Lambirth, Class of 1978
  12. OC Chapter Chair: Keith Rodenhuis, Class of 2006

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