Whittier Law School Alumni are welcome to use the Law Library and other resources at the campus without charge.

Parking in the School’s lots without fee is only through the use of the Student ID card.

If an Alumni has lost their card, it may be replaced without charge by appointment with the facilities or business department. Call extension 422 or 209 to arrange for a new card.

If a card has become inactive because of a lack of use of the campus or student email account, the card may be reactivated. Call extension 209 to have the card reactivated.

Other staff and faculty at the campus cannot issue new cards, reactivate cards, check alumni records, or give out parking tokens. The library and other offices may sell parking tokens and provide a receipt for the $5.00 daily parking fee. The business office may reimburse alumni for any parking fee that has been paid once a valid receipt is provided and a card issued or reactivated.

This policy is subject to change without notice.

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