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February 26th, 2013

Nichelle Jones, Class of 1996

Nichelle D. Jones and her firm, Law Office of Michael J. Curls won a 4.5 million dollar verdict for the plaintiffs in the matter Lucero v. County of Kern.

The case involved the wrongful death of decedent Jose R. Lucero. 4 Kern County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to the Lucero home because Lucero was making repeated 911 calls while suffering from a psychotic episode that was either organic or brought on by methamphetamine intoxication. In the course of arresting Lucero, the Deputies kicked, punched, pepper sprayed and collectively TASED Lucero over 29 times. Lucero went into cardiac arrest shortly after being placed into handcuffs. The incident occurred at the Lucero home in the presence of Lucero’s elderly parents.

A unanimous jury found the County of Kern and the Individual Deputies liable from the Wrongful Death of Jose R. Lucero. Lucero’s parents were also awarded damages for Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress.